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Snorkeling Etiquette: How to be Pono (do what is right) While Snorkeling in Paradise!

Updated: Jul 5

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Snorkeling is an incredible experience and for most the first time is amazing but for others it can be a miserable experience. Sure it looks easy, and it can be, but learning about some of the basics will help you be prepared for your Maui Snorkeling Experience.

Maui Snorkeling Guide App’s Tips:

Avoid Cheap Snorkeling Gear

Sure cheap mask, snorkel, and fins look very similar to good gear but there is a difference. Mask, Fins and a Snorkel are all needed. Don’t go without fins! The snorkel is one of the main cheap gear items you want to avoid. Get a “Dry” Snorkel.

A Dry Snorkel has a Valve on Top that doesn’t allow water to come rushing down into your mouth. A cheap snorkel will not have this and you will see that it is just an open tube on top. So any little wave will dump water into the snorkel and into your mouth for a nice cup of salt water.

Honestly, most snorkel sets these days don’t offer the vintage, old school traditional snorkel.

Costco sells a good Snorkel, Mask, Fin set.

Practice Snorkeling with Your Gear in a Calm Shallow Area

Getting the hang of breathing with a snorkel is essential and can take 15-20 minutes. You want to be able to snorkel calmly and relaxed.

Put defogger into your mask and see that it is working.

Check that your mask fits well if it leaks you may need to tighten it and also make sure no hair is getting in the edges or skirt of the mask where it seals to your skin/forehead. This is a common reason for masks leaking.

Practice kicking with your fins. Use a flotation device or even a pool noodle if you are not a strong swimmer.

There are couple shallow beach areas for practicing, Baby Beach Lahaina and Baby Beach Pai’ia. Also, use the pool at your condo or hotel.

Choosing Your Location

Our Maui Snorkeling Guide App is now a FREE DOWNLOAD is a great help in choosing a snorkeling location on Maui.

Choose a snorkeling spot that keeps you closer to the coastline. Trying to do a long swim out will be tiring and difficult. “Airport Beach” on Maui is a nice spot with fish and reef near shore.

“Coral Gardens” would don’t be a good beginner spot as you need to swim a good distance along the coastline and with currents will be beyond tiring and frustrating.

Also, you MUST go with a partner and always remember When in Doubt Don’t Go Out.

Don’t go out in rough seas, big waves, big shore break, or stormy conditions. Wind, currents, and waves can make for a miserable or even life threatening situations.

Respect the Reefs

Be a steward take care of the reefs and yourself.

Do not touch or STAND on the reefs. Seems like every snorkel day I see someone stand-in gun the reef adjusting their masks or resting. This kills decades of reef growth with one step.

This is why a flotation device or pool noodle is great to have if you need to rest. float on your back or float and breath through your snorkel.

Use reef safe sunblock. Non-Reef safe sunblock is now banned in the state of Hawaii. So if you don’t want to spend your vacation behind bars, Ha! Kidding about jail time.

Have FUN, have a fun attitude, and respect the reefs!

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much)

Be Your Own Snorkel Guide and save time by planning your Maui adventure.

Maui no Ka ‘Oi - Maui is the Best

Aloha Nui Loa (With Much Love)

Maui Snorkeling Guide App

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