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Maui has the Best Snorkeling and Most Beaches of the Hawaiian Islands

Updated: Apr 24

Maui has more than 75 beaches available varying from rocky, white sand, black and red-sand. It's truly a magical place offering such diversity. Maui also has 10 of the worlds 13 ecosystems and one can be in 40 degree weather and within a short drive be on the beach, with 80 degree weather, snorkeling the reef systems.

All of Maui's beaches belong to everyone, so even though some resorts try and limit or block access it is illegal. That being said we as visitors need to be mindful and respect the locals and their beaches. Most locals spearfish and fish from early hours in the morning until about 11am and then at night. Sooo, yes, sometimes you may encounter a shore fisher person with a line in the water where you want to snorkel, be courteous and cautious. It doesn't happen often but it's their island and they have mouths to feed.

Always remember - When in Doubt Don't Go Out. Most snorkeling will take place 8am-11am. Usually, the wind, waves and currents pick up around 11-12am and go all day. Also, check wave conditions, especially in the winter months as the waves can get HUGE. Jaws, Hookipa, Honolua Bay all host world class waves in the 30+ feet range!

With so many Maui Beaches and Maui Snorkeling Spots it can be overwhelming that is why our local knowledge found in the Maui Snorkeling Guide App is incredibly helpful.

To see all of Maui's great snorkel and beach spots and a wealth of info on them like driving directions, parking info, restrooms, showers, local info check out our Maui Snorkeling Guide App.

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