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Menehune and The Folklore of the Hawaiian Bigfoot aka Maui Skunk Ape

Updated: Apr 24

Maui things you’ve no doubt heard of Kaanapali Beach, Napili Bay, Makena Landing, Honolulu Bay, Oluwalu, Kahana, Black Rock, White Rock, Slaughterhouse Beach, Cliffhouse, Baldwin Beach, Baby Beach, North Shore, Paia, Hana, Lahaina, Front Street, Molokini, La Perouse, Makawao Forest, Haleakala, Kihei, Wailea, Kula, Hana Bay, Bamboo Rainforest, Waterfalls, Rainbows, Rainbow Trees, Humpback Whales, Maui Brewing, Surfing Goat Dairy, Ocean Vodka, Mama’s Fish House, Ho’okipa, Hana Lava Tubes, Auntie Sandy’s Banana Bread, Ululani’s Shave Ice, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Monk Seals, Waimoku Falls...

Even the folklore of the tiny Hawaiian creatures called Menehune.

BUT how many have heard of the most elusive creature on the Valley Island Maui? The hide and seek champion of Hawaii.

The Maui Skunk Ape aka Hawaiian Bigfoot!

It is believed that these creatures were washed ashore by massive tsunamis 7,000 years ago, by the Great Holocene Earthquakes of the Pacific Northwest. These earthquakes triggered massive tsunamis unlike anything we’ve seen in recent history. They would often send small islands of debris floating out to sea onto the shores of the Hawaiian islands. These tall floating islands would carry all kinds of small animals and it is believed the Hawaiian Bigfoot.

There are several names for this creatures through out the years such as Waimoku Skunk Ape, Valley Isle Creature, Aikanaka, Hawaiian Bigfoot, Maui Skunk Ape.

The Hawaiian name of this creature is Aikanaka and shares many of the same characteristics of its distant relative the Florida Skunk Ape. They are six to 9 feet tall, greenish coloring, and have a putrid, rank odor much like skunk spray.

Back in 1939 there was a Maui Skunk Ape footprint found along the King’s Trail and a plaster cast of it was made. The scientist found that the Hawaiian Bigfoot has webbing between it’s toes and it is believed that they stalk the coastline and hunt in the sea.

It has been said that the ancient, pre-contact Hawaiians co-existed with these creatures that lived deep in the jungle valleys. Little was spoken of the Aikanaka, because whenever the Aikanaka was spoken about bad things would happen.

Keep your eyes peeled both on land and while snorkeling because you never know when you might catch a fleeting glimpse of Maui’s Hide and Seek Champion the Maui Skunk Ape or Hawaiian Bigfoot.

Be sure to watch the award-winning Maui made film - In Search of Hawaiian Bigfoot

Aloha Nui Loa

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